Some Exciting News to Share, and Something for you on August 18th

In April of 2017 I attended a two-day conference that was entirely focused on the importance of contemplative prayer and how to engage it.

It changed my life.

When I returned from the conference my mind flooded with a plethora of thoughts, which would almost always culminate into one consistent thread: "I wish more things like this were being offered to the Church."

Have you ever felt called to do something that you 100% did NOT feel qualified for?

Have you ever said things like, "Not me," "Not now," "Not ever."

So have I, but, because of a few friends, mentors, and a few podcasts, I've been saying those phrases less and less- which brings us to this present moment.

Over the last 15 months I have been working to craft, create, and plan an experience where people can consider the importance of spiritual formation, with the tools to do it.

Hundreds of hours of reading, listening, studying, and praying has culminated into an event that I am calling Formation Corner- a three-hour conference event designed to provide a fresh perspective on spiritual formation, and provide practical ways to engage with two essential practices: the reading and studying of Scripture, and prayer. (Take a min and watch the video below)

I want to invite YOU and anyone else you may know who could benefit from such an experience. For more information and to purchase your [$15] ticket, click the button below:

I would also ask you to share this post, and invite a few friends to join you for Formation Corner on August 18th.