Formation Corner
Revisiting the practices that form us

The crux of the Christian journey is being formed in the likeness of Jesus Christ and becoming more like Him. Often referred to as spiritual formation, this is our discipleship by Jesus Himself. We read in the Scriptures that the members of the earliest churches devoted themselves to a variety of formative practices that not only more deeply connected them with God, but also with each other and the world around them. As members of the same church today, we too are called to engage in such practices.

Formation Corner is an event designed to provide a fresh perspective on spiritual formation and provide tangible ways to engage with two essential practices: the reading and studying of Scripture, and prayer. Formation Corner will help participants gain a fresh outlook on how regular and intentional rhythms of engaging with these practices can revolutionize how they experience God and interact with the world around them, putting them in a position to be discipled by Jesus Christ.

Interested in hosting a Formation Corner at your local church?